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Looking for a yacht? Easily! 10000 yachts online and 25000 offline


Dear friends!


In total, a huge number of yachts and catamarans are available for a booking in the world. How many? Now it is more than 30,000 boats.


And this is not counting motor yachts, gulets, schooners, boats, and everything that can only float on the water.

On our website in the section "Book a yacht" you can find any (or almost any) yacht, catamaran, and other types of boats.


Several types of yacht search are now fully available:

1. Search for rent/charter by week.

2. Search for hot deals (there are very interesting prices, see for yourself).

3. Search for a one-way charter, aka One Way.

4. Search for short-term charters (you do not need a yacht for a week - take for 2-3 days).


Why? Try it, there are some very interesting suggestions!


On our site, the search for one of the five (!) Main aggregators for the selection of charter ships is fully integrated.

What could not be found on our website online, we will help you find at your request, and you will spend this time on your other important matters.


How does it works? Very simple!


1. Have you tried to find a yacht on our website in the section "Book a yacht" and did not find the desired option?

2. Send us a request via the "Contact us" form (top left of the page), or via the request form

Please enter your email where to send the result.


How fast will the result be?


Within an hour, we will send you everything that we find at your request that only can float on the water.

We will find exactly your option among 30,000+ yachts and catamarans around the world.


And by the way, we do not charge you for our service. Charter companies pay for everything.


If you liked the yacht, then everything is simple: we draw up a contract, sign and book your yacht.

And yes, we support you throughout the trip, we solve all the issues with charter companies.


Any questions? Please contact us.


We have WhatsApp (+79859217399), mail ([email protected]), feedback form, instant messengers in social networks (Facebook, Telegram). 

By the way, they are all collected at the bottom of our page in the "Feedback" section.